27 January 2009

Hi sweetie.


Maybe it's a bit odd, but I wanted to make this blog for you. Letters are nice, as is telling you in person, but I wanted a place where I can write down the little thoughts about you, the ones that normally come and go and never find their way to you. I'm hoping that having this blog to write them down in will make sure you know just how often I think of you and just how much I love you.

I don't think there is a moment of my day where you aren't somewhere in my mind, "Where's he now?" "I wonder if he's thinking of me right now..." "I miss him..." All thoughts never far from me, always running through my other thoughts, poking at me to wish you were there. You are my world, nothing else really matters anymore, you are everything I need or want. I don't care what happens to me, I don't care how hard my life sometimes feels, you make it all melt away.

Even right now as you're still a few hours away from being here, I crave you. I miss you every second your gone, leaving me feeling incomplete, longing for you to return. Sometimes it frustrates me to have you so far away, so out of my reach. I can only hope you can feel how much I love you, how hard I'm wishing for your return even though we're so far apart.

I love you Lewis, with everything I am.

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