30 January 2009

Wedding stuff.

So babe, I've been thinking of wedding things since I'm so excited about it all. Hmm... snowflakes... red accents, white... I'm not sure how to explain it exactly, what I have pictured in my mind is lovely though. Hmm, let me try.

You walk in, the ceiling is draped with soft white fabric that billows to the edge of the walls, then falls in loose sheets to the floor. Layered over that are sheets of iridescent gossamer fabric fabric that catches the light and spreads it over the fabric, sparkling with a faint rainbow shimmer. From this lovely backdrop, snowflakes made from tiny clear beads hang from the ceiling, in all different sizes and designs. The white chairs are all lined up, covered in the same gossamer fabric as the ceiling and walls. Around the back of the chair, a bright red ribbon has been tied, matching the red runner that runs down the middle of the chairs. The altar itself is an archway of red roses, the trellis is weaved with more white and gossamer fabric and red ribbon.

The invitations I thought could be a background of bright red paper, ice blue and then a beaded snowflake. I saw a great idea of how to make something similar yourself and I think I could do it, I actually want to go out now and buy some beads to practice the snowflakes.

Hmm, I want to try my hand at making the cake, I'm thinking white chocolate and strawberry? It sounds pretty good for me.

Anyway, babe, I have a stomach bug and I was up anyway so I figured I'd plan a bit. Love you so much baby, you're my everything.

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